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The use of website requires a registration. All the functions of the website are available to registered users only. A "Registered User" is a person or legal entity who has registered to our website.

The aim of registration:

  • recording required data for safe transactions (purchase and sale)
  • filtering unwanted and unreal users
  • Prerequisites for registration:

    With this registration the User admits:

  • he /she is a natural person who has reached the age of 18th, and who is contractually capable or
  • Underage person who has reached the age of 14th and has own budget for trading on online marketplace
  • representative of a legal entity or company
  • in every case he /she registers with his/her own and valid data or with the represented company’s valid data and all the information are true and correct.
  • During the registration process the user must give true and correct information. The website is entitled to restrict access to a user if he/she registered with any invalid information; in the last resort our website is entitled to withdraw the subscription.

    Steps of registration:

  • 1. Filling the registration form:
  • You need to fill the registration form (*). Personal or company data are required to make transactions safe and sound. (About handling your personal data please refer to Data privacy policy)
  • 2. Technical controlling:
  • Upon completing and submitting the registration form our system will automatically send an activation e-mail to the given e-mail address.
  • This email contains an ‘Activation link’ the user should click on it.
  • DATA protection:

    Boorze .com never gives the user’s personal information to any third parties and only use and archive these data for the security of the transactions.


    Purchase and sale

  • 1. How to post an ad:
    Post your ad at To avoid claims, the seller is obliged to send the parts to the buyer as it is on the photo of the advertisement. Attention the item should be dismantled and separated from the vehicle on the photo to avoid misunderstandings.
  • 2. "Buy button"
    Every registered user after logging in to the website will be able to see a “buy” button on the page of every ad with an active state. Click on this button to send a notification to the seller about your buying intention. After pressing this button you will be notified about the terms and conditions of the purchase and asked to confirm your buying intention.
  • 3. "My Boorze" menu item
    The seller is notified about your buying intention under the ‘My Boorze’ menu. If the seller does not have any objection then he approves the request and the deal is made. (Otherwise, the seller may as well refuse the request. In this case the buyer will get a feedback.) In this case the ad’s status become ‘sale is in progress’ and no one can send more buying requests. The ‘buy’ button will disappear and a ‘sale is in progress’ sign appears instead.
  • Attention: The deal is made upon the approval of the seller. Sending a buying request doesn’t mean a prompt purchase.

  • 4. Terms of buying
    Any given order should be fulfilled within two weeks. After handling over the spare part, the buyer and the seller can also close the transaction at ‘My Boorze’ menu. At the same time the seller should be rated according to his behavior during the transaction and the quality of the part(s). About the unclosed transactions older than two weeks the system sends a notification to both buyer and seller. After this the transaction can be canceled on both sides. It means that the faulty party gets a negative rating. After the ‘transaction is canceled’ by the seller the item become ‘sellable’ again and free for purchase.
  • Suggestions

    Companies should post their opening hours!

    Important does not take the responsibility for the quality and origin of the goods. The sold parts will be automatically deleted from the data base within 30 days.

    We reserve the right to change or modify our Terms of Use at any time without prior notice!



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